In vein

Procrastination and you

IDENTIFYING PROCRASTINATING BEHAVIOUR “Not in the mood to do my work” is the most basic kind of excuse to delay a task at hand. “I don’t need to do it now” is the highest level of excuse prioritizing work. “ I will start working on it tomorrow” “There’s still lot of time to do it”…

Being Children

Children are our future and on a macro level the future of our nation…. These little lives, until a few years ago were like free birds. No stress, no worries, no troubles, no hurries. Then came the technological advancement, national level development, further westernization and finally personal enhancement!!! Soon kids were happy faces holding gadgets….

To C-sec or not

The essence of motherhood is the birthing process. The experience of childbirth is unique to every woman. During the work-in-progress stage, many women zip past the nine months with great ease where as others struggle in the initial months of pregnancy itself with some issues. Whatever be the feeling, as women, we love to talk…

The miracle called MOM

The 2nd Sunday of may is marked as mother’s day in several countries. Here in India too, we celebrate this day on the 2nd Sunday of may and that too with great gusto. After all, the woman who gave birth to you needs to be celebrated because she’s YOUR mother. So what if she’s unnoticed…

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