Let’s Supplement

Many people say that they do not believe in taking vitamin supplements because they are not natural. It sounds genuine and true. But we must realise that we are fortunate to have the most valuable elements in food in isolated form. Thanks to the achievements of medical science. Luckily for us, these nutrients are easily available in the required amount necessary for our protection and growth in addition to the small quantities available through food.

In this age of modernization, where soils are depleted of minerals like selenium, zinc, chromium etc. Due to over farming and soil erosion, our food doesn’t contain sufficient quantities of these minerals which are essential for optimum health. Zinc and selenium are very essential to boost immunity and chromium is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism.

Furthermore, today we are exposed to the dangers of pollution, stress & cigarette smoke, toxic emissions from chemical factories, auto exhausts, pesticides, food additives, refined foods that our bodies need more antioxidants than before to detoxify and nullify the free radicals produced in our bodies due to these factors. Ask yourself if you consume the required amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis? The average person is exposed to hundred of chemicals in his home and office environment as well as in his food, milk and drinking water. The antioxidants available in food alone are not sufficient to help him remove these toxins from his systems. Therefore its wise to supplement with vitamins and antioxidants.

Our food is getting depleted in fibre, essentials fats like omega 3 and trace nutrients. Our consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrate is increasing. People are frequently eating restaurant food which is devoid of nutrition. Partying & socialising involves intake of greasy deep fried foods, rich gravied foods, The chinese dishes served are loaded with fats and salt with corn starch and ajinomoto. When there is constant intake of such foods, there should be an increasing supply of nutrients too to supplement the loss. Refined foods hinder the absorption of vitamin B complex and minerals like zinc, manganese & folic acid. The body also needs more nutrients to metabolize this type of food and to make up for the last of essential nutrients during such meals.

  • If you find that you are having one such meal in a day, it could deplete your reserves of nutrients and cause major deficiencies. Therefore the need to supplement is greater.
  • Again those of you who exercise regularly need to have an optimum intake of antioxidants and minerals.
  • Any illness increases our need for vitamin C and zinc well beyond what our food can give us.
  • You need to supplement even if you take care to eat healthy because food alone can never give you the optimum amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin E and travce minerals that are required.

Care must be only take to see the excess of iron, vitamin A and Vitamin D doesn’t happen. Its better to supplement than pay bills to a health care provider.