The foodie life


You are what you eat – this statement still holds true despite the fact that commerce decides what one eats these days. The variety of food available to order, when you are unable to make food at home, is amazing. It makes one wonder “why actually spend time in the kitchen and break heads and utensils” when all one needs to do is reach out to your mobile food app. There is, literally, a full column in the menu of any restaurant offering “Health food”. Thus trying to coax you in to buying that food as often as you eat.


Getting stuck in this web of lies willing can take years off your life span.. so decide now about the foods that you want to eat and live on.

The foundation of healthy living is built on a well balanced diet, regular exercise, rest and a proper personal hygiene regimen. Even though vitamins are vital in our day to day life, excessive usage of vitamins is harmful. Regular exercise helps to tone our bodies and aids in digestion and proper absorption of foods. Adequate rest along with regular meditation helps slow down the ageing process as it relieves stress to a large extent.


The incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis is on the increase. Along with these, acidity, anaemia, migraine, insomnia are on the rise too. What we eat, how much we eat, the time of the day to eat and how often we eat is what impacts our health and not some magic healing potion. A proper digestive system plays a great role in good health too. A leaky gut can hinder proper absorption of foods. So maintaining a good gut health is equally important.

Practicing preventive nutrition therapy is very essential which means correcting diet and lifestyle. By feeding the body the right nutrient dense foods, health and youthfulness can be maintained. With the intake of wrong foods, one is inching towards early old age. Though genetics play an equally important role, lifestyle and nutrition contribute more to longevity.


  • ACTIVITY - Maintaining an active lifestyle can add years to your lifespan. One must adopt a regular exercise program that is suitable to one's body and not just blindly follow any given pattern.
  • NATURE- Spending some time in nature can give a brand new perspective and can rejuvenate a person to a great extent.
  • HELP OTHERS - Helping others, in which ever way you can, gives immense satisfaction to your inner being.
  • CONNECT WITH OTHERS - Talking to others is a great therapy. It can lighten what has been weighing on your mind and ease the load off your chest.
  • PUT UP A HAPPY FACE - Putting on the face mask of a happy person wont take away your problems, but it will certainly improve your mood and make things appear less difficult.

The essential five point plan per day can lead you towards good health:

  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • A glass of raw vegetable juice daily
  • Consume less oil.
  • Eat and drink in moderation
  • Maintain a positive outlook

Good health is only a good choice away.