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Lonavala has never been considered as a travel destination. It has always been a place of a quick exit from the city’s mayhem, an overnighter to rest the weary heads. People from nearby places like Pune and Mumbai often find themselves stationed in this hill station in Maharashtra’s Pune district. I have travelled here umpteen number of times and never wanted to mentioned a page on it as it was like the back of my house. But of late, I realized that this place has a new fun at every visit you make. The realization happened when Lonavala had become the only consolation trip being made religiously. Heading out of the city meant an uncertain RTPCR which if positive would drive you inside the house for 15 days( yes true for the 1st two waves). Because the third wave was felt only in the ocean in front of which even people with covid sat untested!!!


Now the fascination to Lonavala increases at every visit. We make sure that every trip here is to a new resort. There are some lovely halts here to make your weekends super cool.

HILTON, DUKES RETREAT, FARIYAS, MISTY MEADOW , DELLA and many others offer a unique experience making this place magical every time.

Being near the market area, also means nearness to the special lonaval fare -Chikkis, fudge and other mouth watering stuff that your family cannot return without. We often buy different varieties of fudge at Cooper’s. Its near the railway station. Also all varieties of Chikkis are bought at Maganlal’s adjacent to the Cooper’s fudge.


Constantly visiting Lonavala to the same resort and shopping at the same places can threaten your next trip here. So once a while, we put up at resorts in Tungarli. The place lends itself a unique essence and a visit to the tungarli lake any time of the day can heighten the activity of the good mood hormones. After a good stay at a resort there, we usually shop for chikkis and fudge on our “return to Mumbai” day


Once you are in Lonavala, you can also visit the Pawna lake. It is at a one hour travel distance from Lonavala. But a visit to any of the camping sites nested at the Pawna lake can change your outlook to this place. Our visit to Pawna lake during one of our Lonavala visits was the highlight of the stay. After a telcon, I had arranged the visit to this campsite just to see the lake. The hosts were very warm and simple people that we were forced to share charges beyond what they quoted us. We were brought bhajias with tea even as we savoured the look over the lake. The nearest to nature one could get was here. Over the opposite side of the lake was Tungi – the place which also hosts the Mahindra holiday home.

The natural frame, a must for the walls of your heart.

Every moment was perfect but we had to break the glass to this beautiful frame as heading back to our resort near the market place would be difficult if further darkness set in. The roads back to the Lonavala from Pawna do not have proper street lights till you hit the central area again.

With the right stay choices, Lonavala can have many shades and hues. A trip here with family is a must every month.

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