Manga – the Japanese way

“Manga” is a term used to refer to comics and graphic strips originating in Japan. It includes wide genre – action, adventure, business, commerce, fantasy etc. Manga is the graphic presentation of the characters and story while an anime plays out the manga in form of Tv shows or Movie.

The person who introduced me to the Anime world has a small connection with Masashi Kishimoto – The current star of the manga/anime world.  He shares his birth date with him – Nov 8. Silly na? but a great deal for a Naruto lover. He feels a cosmic connection !!

The manga market in Japan is a billion dollar industry. It has an audience that cuts across borders and is quiet famously read by all. The “international manga” includes foreign comics inspired by the Japanese manga form.


The very first manga magazine was Eshinbun Nipponchi published in 1874 by Kanagaki Robun and Kawanabe Kyosai. The first Japanese anime was Astro boy created by Osamu Tezuka.

The end of the year 1999 brought to recognition a manga character that is here to stay. The creator Masashi Kishimoto inspired by an earlier action manga series Dragon Ball Z created the series “Naruto” which debuted in the WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP magazine in Japan. It ran from 1999 to 2014. Naruto, a young Ninja, possessed by a Demon fox took the anime world by storm with this series that would go on to sell worldwide. Not only the manga series, the anime, Naruto video games and Merchandise sell like hot cakes raking in millions from the Naruto brand.

Though Naruto ended by 2014, the fans still over burden the search engines as its constantly lays out results to the keywords to an audience spread out in all corners of the world.

Naruto manga was anime adapted by Pierrot and Aniplex in Japan from 2002 to 2007. It broadcasted 220 episodes. Naruto Shippuden is a sequel to the original series. It ran from 2007 to 2017, a total of 500 episodes. In its climax, Boruto made its first appearance. The Naruto and Hinata story continues with their son – Boruto Uzumaki. The father – son duo have been given different personalities as Naruto had a fox tailed demon in him and Boruto does not.  In the Boruto series, the mentorship to Boruto is done by Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto friend and arch rival..

The Naruto/Boruto affair continues in the games too and the fans surely won’t let the memory of the father go away so soon. Naruto is an anthem for them and Boruto a revolution.