Find your ikigai

IKIGAI is one word that everyone has come across regularly of late. Every book store has books on Ikigai by varied authors. The internet shows life purpose and Ikigai being used interchangeably to explain the other concept. Dictionaries are incorporating this new word into their pages. Even as authors vie with each other to become Ikigai masters, the concept still remains contested.

 This is not a review for any particular author’s book on Ikigai nor is here a claim to explain how and who brought out this concept.

Ikigai is for those who want more from their life. These are people who are not happy in their current professions or situations and would look for options to get out of their jobs. Not for any financial hike but for the happiness that doing a job that they love would bring.

Ikigai, basically, is the happiness that you derive from the work that you do. Its finding out how your life would become more valuable by doing the work that you love. If you are in pursuit of happiness and that is your sole purpose adding your financial stability (being practical) to this would give you your Ikigai.

“Ikigai” has actually become a source of income for many. There are paid courses where trainers help you find your Ikigai. If one really wishes to find out what these well researched folks have to offer about your Ikigai, one can join any of these courses.

If one is unhappy and feels unfit in their place of work, its time to understand that this is not what you are meant to do. But finding your Ikigai is not finding Nemo where the latter is sure to be found. In search of what you love, one will have to go on an unchartered path which may not lead you to the destination. Leaving your current profession if you are not financially sound and do not have anything else to fall back on will not lead you anywhere. Every one is gifted with unique talents that can be utilized to find fulfilment. But simply exploring these gifts doesn’t always help. Remember the unchartered path that you could end up on. You could be stranded on this path if you follow your Ikigai light blindly.

Lord Gautam Buddha gave up a life of riches and happiness to find the truth about life. The quest to find out about old age and death led him to a life of vanquished titles and thrones. It was his Ikigai that led him to take that path.

Ikigai doesn’t always earning money from the passions/gifts that you have. It is finding simple happiness in everyday living. This is also the Japanese concept which was later diversified to include a whole lot of factors that could be derived from it.

Your Ikigai should be your own Venn diagram of how your life tour will turn out to be keeping in mind not just yourself but also the people around you. Your feelings will tell you the circles that would be a part of the diagram.

Finally Ikigai can change at any stage in your life depending on the circumstances.

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