Stepping upto Kalsubai

Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. It is a trekker’s haven. A monsoon trek is not advisable yet to just get a view of the majestic Kalsubai peak, I set on a journey of my own. It was the end of two extensive, detailed and determined semesters and it definitely called for a getaway to unwind. So I packed my bags, got a bus ticket to Nashik and hopped on board to the unknown roads. The road towards Nashik is always heavenly. The weather was pleasant and I picked up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen to be the journey companion for the intermittent view breaks.

2 hours later, I reached the foot of Bhandardara. It was a long way up the station so I got in a Tempu along with a few people and we started moving upward. I have always been a hitch hiker kind of person… Beethoven’s symphony in my ears and the lush luxurious scenery to the left side of me, I was having a glorious time.

When we reached the top I took in a deep breath of the crisp air, it truly was exhilarating. The hill station-ey nippy air sent chills down my body. I was staying in the most comfortable cottage, setting my bags down and I stepped out in the backyard. It was the most exquisite view of all time, the setting sun and the steady moving water of the magnificent Pravara River.

I stood there trying to take the beautiful scenery in as much as I could but then I heard a loud rumble coming from my stomach. I made my way to the restaurant and had the staple dal, roti and pickle. While returning, the promenade was dimly lit by incandescent light bulbs- fireflies. It was breathtaking, I felt like Rupunzel when she saw the floating lights. The next morning, I woke up fresh as a daisy and early as a bird. Later, I headed out to the backyard. The sun was beaming strongly down on me but with the cool breeze blowing they balanced themselves out. I walked bare-feet on the dewy grass and meditated by the broad blue watercourse.

Go Easy, pharmeasy. Be ready for emergencies

After breakfast, I started for what had drawn me here in the first place. The bewitching sight of Maharashtra’s famous Kalsubai peak. It was almost like I was living my dream. Later the tour took me to see Wilson Dam and after returning back to the cottages I went to the lakeside to enjoy the red-pink sunset and my last night of staying there. It indeed was an experience to always reminisce on.