“Not in the mood to do my work” is the most basic kind of excuse to delay a task at hand.

“I don’t need to do it now” is the highest level of excuse prioritizing work.

“ I will start working on it tomorrow”

“There’s still lot of time to do it”

If you fall into any one of the above excuse category, you are a perfect procrastinator. Continue doing that and you will never be in your today because you are trying to live your yesterday in your tomorrow. There are endless ways to put off your work and if you are a procrastinator, you have mastered them all. CONGRATULATIONS.

So, why does one procrastinate? In fact, it’s a normal thing to do, we all procrastinate at one point of time or the other. We all delay doing certain things and it’s quiet human to do that because sometimes delaying decisions can give a better ending to the situation. But when it becomes a habit to put off doing tasks, it’s time to look inwards.


Procrastinating is associated with a negative thinking pattern. Procrastinators often criticise themselves and feel they have inadequate capacity to do the task at hand. They do not have much confidence thus leading to the thought that whatever they do, it would fail. Rather than starting on something that would be a failure, they put off doing that very task. The main factor that makes the procrastinator move towards his bete noire is fear. Many people feel its laziness, but the laziness is just an outcome of the delaying action. With procrastination, schedules become non – existent, work becomes oblivious and attitude becomes negative. Sometimes even a kind of panic can set in as to what will happen when the task is required to be submitted or brought its proper ending.

There is another category of procrastinators. This is the meticulous lot. They fear attempting any work, because, they feel they won’t be able to give it their 100%. These perfectionists feel that if a work has to be done, it has to be perfect. But they do not understand that if they do not begin at 1%, the rest will never be achieved.  

You will never be in your today, if you defer it to tomorrow.

There are DREAMERS: They are the distracted lot. They do not want to widen their work angle because of their day dreams and several distractions. “THE MUSIC IS TOO LOUD” “ I AM THINKING OF YOU, BABY…”

THINKERS: Just waiting/thinking for/about the right inspiration to do work never made them do any.

WORRIERS: They worry about the failure attached to their attempt at work.

Impact on life:


Procrastination can become a way of life. It can cause people to lose out on oppurtunities.

It can have repurcussions on family life. If you put off explaining your needs and wants to your partner, due to the fear of being rejected, your family life is in deep trouble!!!

Your health can be impacted if you keep deferring your regular medical check-ups to an even later date.

Procrastination can be defeated by a steely will, determination and a result oriented attitude to go right ahead and work on the task at hand.


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