Being Children

Children are our future and on a macro level the future of our nation…. These little lives, until a few years ago were like free birds. No stress, no worries, no troubles, no hurries. Then came the technological advancement, national level development, further westernization and finally personal enhancement!!! Soon kids were happy faces holding gadgets. Gadget happy downloading apps, they became knowledge hubs with WiFi Internet.. And parents were the happiest. They told stories to their kids as to how everything had advanced and how lucky they felt to get be a part of the progressive generation and much more. The influences soon reached the school classrooms. The syllabus changed, innovative patterns were added, boards got added, and studies were revolutionized.

This is where we are today….The pressure at school is going to, surely, build up as the kids progress their standards. Right now, they are tied up with way too much to study and perform. Our little birds are no longer free. However, all the advancement is still in the right place because we live in an age where change is the only constant factor. And we surely want it that way too.

Today, right from childhood the competition begins and ends only as one cannot compete anymore in life. Parents are facing a huge dilemma of whether to go with the flow and let the child compete with others or let them chill and relax and carry on in mediocre competition mode. Whether u choose to be an over bearing parent with great expectations or a normal parent with average expectation, the capacity of our children cannot come in varied forms. Further, any method to bludgeon this capacity has always had its repurcussions.

Our only concern should be to let children retain their innocence. Growing beyond their age is certainly appreciated by families and peers but it snatches the little ones of their present time to be themselves. They become what their parents want them to be. Someone that the world demands them to be. Taking two steps at one go to be in the teachers good books can cost them their mental health.

  • A healthy environment where competition aids the proper growth of a child should be created. This will not only allow the spirit of competition to be easily soaked in but also allow children to happily involve in them.
  • Finding out a child’s field of interest will steer them towards a proper direction.
  • Stepping in their shoes will help parents understand what ails them at any particular stage of life
  • Parents should only realise that academics in a child’s life will go on forever but childhood comes only once.

There are young autistic children or children suffering from Global development delays who need special attention. Parents and other people around such children have to understand the efforts of such children to fit their world into a normal child’s world. Patience and some TLC will surely get them in track with the others. We cannot hurry them to be there but we can slow down to be with them. #autism #GDD

All said and done, a child will be a child so…..let’s just let our children be.