The miracle called MOM


The 2nd Sunday of may is marked as mother’s day in several countries. Here in India too, we celebrate this day on the 2nd Sunday of may and that too with great gusto. After all, the woman who gave birth to you needs to be celebrated because she’s YOUR mother. So what if she’s unnoticed on all other days?? On this particular day, THE MOTHER IS A BRAND..a brand that sells, is as commercial as any product. Why do we need a day to show our love to the mother?. Why should you show to the world how much you love your mother? Isn’t that a very personal thing? Even Anna Jarvis regretted having marked a separate day to celebrate mothers but by the time her regret set in, the day had been marked as mother’s day forever. It’s a very US thing to do anyways.. Indians have picked up this trend too and so mother’s day is mother’s day.

The other day I was watching the movie English Vinglish. A very good movie about a beautiful mother portrayed by the lovely Sridevi. The protagonist( Sridevi ) not only struggled with her English but also lost her status as a mother in the offing. There were many situations from the movie that I could actually relate to and the main situation was being taken for granted. As mothers, a woman’s mere existence is often taken for granted.

A mother in her various avatars, as a mom in law, sister, girlfriend, wife, has always been at the giving end. Sacrificing her own joys for the joys of her loved ones. Giving up her own identity to work towards creating her children’s identity. Languishing her role at work in order to see her husband succeed. Even when a mother at work succeeds, she has another mother keeping watch over her and her family…That’s the power of a woman, the power of a mother. The power that makes our little lives wonderful.

A mother only expects love and respect in return… Children must be taught to first respect their mothers and then anything else. To be thankful to their mothers for everything that she’s doing for them. Cos since God couldn’t be everywhere he made mothers. Sounds clichéd but so very true. Just a single day to celebrate and to make your mother feel special isn’t enough. A family should celebrate Mother’s Day everyday and give their mothers their proper place and respect each day. Power to you beautiful mom.

As for me, I make sure that everyday is a mother’s day. I maybe a married woman, but I make sure to call my mother each day to check on her, what’s good at her place, what’s bad there or If she needs anything to be done by us sisters. I got it from my mother to continue moving ahead in every circumstance of life and so I give it back to her by caring for her at every step in her old age.. even when she couldn’t do much for me, just her presence was the moving factor in my life. Even when she won’t be able to do much, i ll be there for her . Life has not been easy for my mother but she made sure, we gals did what we liked and because of her blessings and prayers, we are happy.

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